Your Customer is Leaving

In today’s business environment, we are constantly seeing how businesses are failing or succeeding based on the relationship they have with the customer.  We can see the global consumer is leaving.  Both physically and mentally, they are getting further away from businesses and how they will interact with them.  

I consistently see many historical businesses that have been successful and developed great financial results, all of a sudden suffer and grumble in this new age of customer evolution.  Because of this evolution, we today more than ever, have to get a very clear understanding of who our customer is, what they need and how we will connect with them.  

Darren has worked in high pressure competitive environments that have evolved through the need to connect with the customer and hold value.  

Topic outlines:

  • “Understanding who our Customer is”
  • “Understand how they are changing”
  • “Understanding what creates value”
  • “Understanding how we transfer value and owner relationship”
  • “How we now trade and trust”

Why your event?

Darren is one of the newest and most engaging presenters for your event. Through a high energy, engaging and activity focused session, Darren will take your team on a journey to get them to understand the importance of their customer, how to develop relationships with your customer and create long-term enterprise value.

Key outcomes:

  1. The awareness of the customer is changing
  2. The importance of the customer
  3. The long-term value of the customer
  4. Importance of developing trust and connection

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This popular session really takes your business or industry on a new journey for the 21st century. Through practical examples, industry relevant topics and an ability to get off the stage and engage with your audience, you will have a presenter that will create a lasting memory for your event.