What are the top challenges in your Real Estate business? – Cat Levine

Every time Darren and I are with Real Estate Professionals we ask, “What are the top challenges in your business?”

Time and time again we are told “Getting more listings” is one of the top challenges to being more successful in Real Estate.

Listings don’t just drop into your lap, there are specific actions that you can take that will make you be the one people come to with their listing.

Referrals from Raving Fans are the most trusted and cost effective marketing available. All it takes is following my system to getting people to Know, Like and Trust you.

Here are 2 common myths…

Myth: Handing out my business card at networking events will get me listings

Busted: Commission breath stands out a mile away. Instead, think of ways you can show genuine interest in the other person, and ask how you can help them be more successful. Follow up with a text with a link to a contact or an article that shows you were thinking of their success. You will stand out from the rest!

Myth: I can’t get listings because I am new to the business.

Busted: Being new to the market what do you have that seasoned professionals might be missing? Time? Enthusiasm? Personal service? Your passion that YOU are the best person for the job is infectious and gets people trusting you are the best one to handle the sale of their biggest asset.

You need to understand and communicate “Why people should choose you”, and secondly, prove “why you are the best person to list their property”.

For more information on my system to creating Raving Fans, Referrals and Repeats, lets connect! cat@inkca.co.nz or 027 44 99 035