Welcome to June

I cannot believe that we are nearly half way through 2019 and there seems so much to do.

This month we are focusing on 3 of the most important topics I think there are in business:

  1. The ability to prospect and attract new customers;
  2. Managing new customer enquiry; and
  3. Developing your brand in your future customers’ eyes.

These 3 topics are critically important for so many industries and especially those in professional services, it has got to be a key focus to your annual business plan.

In this month’s newsletter, we are looking at developing a prospecting machine in your business. This prospecting machine needs to provide your business with structure and consistency that will enable you to attract the level of business your business requires to deliver the result you want.

The second topic being lead management. In many of the businesses I am currently working in, we are seeing a considerable amount of general enquiry, first call enquiry and past client engagement at very poor or low levels. What this means is that there are some great opportunities for businesses to develop a much clearer lead management system and the following article will show you how this can be done.

Lastly, we have a new consultant join our team, Ed Scanlan, who is a specialist in developing your brand and message to market. We are very privileged to have Ed now as part of our team in helping support specialists and professionals in presenting the exact brand and market positioning they need to be successful. His article talks about developing your brand and how this can be systemised to ensure your success.