Understanding our customers’ needs

Sometimes we get too busy working in our businesses and clouded by day to day operation, that we forget to consider how the customer expects to engage with our service.  I encourage you this year to take the approach of having a discussion with past clients to understand if your current service model is still appropriate.  We are seeing many clients having to improve their communication and provide more clarity for the customer for the purpose of their service or product.  By doing this, we create a stronger relationship with the client and protect losing them through industry change or competitor offering.

By having regular conversations with past clients and current clients as they progress through the purchasing process, we can become very aware of how our service can evolve, improve and grow.

Key questions

  1. If we could improve our process what would be the one thing, as our client, you would like to change?
  2. How often would you like to hear from us in regards to new services, products or opportunities?
  3. As one of our key clients, we would love you to complete the following short questionnaire, so we can find out how to support our clients more.
  4. To further support the use of our service or our product, what would be something we could provide or investigate to make the use of our product or service easier?

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