Training and Development

The right choice of speaker or presenter can make a huge difference to your event. Fresh thinking and insights, delivered by a speaker with great presentational skills – it all adds up to a powerful package.

That’s what Darren Pratley can offer your organisation.

Darren has a special knack and style for training and presenting that will get your team to get the message in a fun structured environment. If it is your content or content developed in collaboration with us, you can be assured it is built with your outcome in mind. With a unique set of skills you know you are working with a professional presenter with considerable experience in working the room.

Darren covers the following key areas:

In business the ability to define leadership, identify it and promote it is critical in today’s competitive environment.   Having great people to lead your business is a great investment and getting them new insights is a must.

Strategic planning:
Whether your business is small or large, this is often said to be the weakest component in modern businesses. Having a regular review of a business, defining its path for the future is critical. Having someone to help develop those disciplines within your business is important.

Sales Excellence:
The single greatest tool to change any business is to increase sales. Sales excellence is a philosophy Darren uses to help sales people find their passion for people, which is the core of sales. Having a great sales “MOJO” is critical to meet those challenging targets and these are skills from as basic and meeting the customer for the first time. Darren also understands the pressures of what higher sales can put on the business, so capacity for sales growth is also considered.

Action Management:
For a business to exist its functions must be executed well. The key component is the activity that forms part of those functions. Darren has tools and experience that can help your team identify the action components and how to “Super Charge” them. Remember even with the greatest strategy in the word the “Doing” is the key. Get Darren help you get Action into your business.