Time Management and Productivity – Robyn Pearce

Every time we ask for audience feedback on areas they would like further help in, consistently in the top 3, no matter what industry, it is Time management and productivity.  No other skill in your business has as bigger impact on your success as your ability to prioritise what is most important, and get that done. Business and distraction are part of most jobs, and we all need to keep working on increasing our efficiencies and productivity if we want to generate more success.

 We are pleased to announce Robyn Pearce as the latest addition to the INK team of consultants.

Robyn Pearce is recognised world-wide as one of the top experts in the field of Time Management and productivity.

From an award-winning real estate career to 27+ years as an international time management specialist and multi-title author, Robyn brings practical and immediately applicable solutions to your team’s time and productivity problems. 

If you are looking for a speaker who can add real value to your company,  Robyn offers a variety of presentations and workshops on “How To Do More With Less – Time Saving Tips To Grow Your Real Estate Career”

Her interactive and practical sessions give tips and techniques to help your team reduce overwhelm, increase productivity, and free up more hours in the day. 

Her clients are in many industry sectors, including Beef & Lamb NZ, Foodstuffs, Keith Hay Homes, and many Real Estate brands in New Zealand and abroad.

To speak to Robyn directly, 
0275 846 348