Thinking outside the funnel

I was working recently with a client and we were discussing the current sales targets and the service that their business provided. As we investigated further, we discovered how the product that they were working with, could provide the customer with lots of different opportunities, it was realised that maybe these same opportunities or insights would be valid for other industries. By doing this, we have now been able to build a strategy to talk to two different industries that have now created literally thousands of more sales opportunities.

One of the key things I am consistently encouraging clients to look at is understanding their current market place and thinking outside the traditional service product sales funnel that they have used.

Think about other industries on how they could use your product or how we could use their communication channels to introduce your topic. Getting clients to be able to recommend you via their newsletter to new industries or new opportunities is extremely important in growing your sales funnel.

Consider right now your product range and think about what other industries could these products be applicable to.