The sale may not be now

In many sales environments, one of the key things we now need to understand about our customers, is that the sale may not be now. As you and I both know when we are out looking to make a purchase, we will do a number of elements of research before we actually enter into the buying process.

The first step will be to understand the product we are looking to purchase, we will start to research online for information around the product and ensure that we have a full understanding that the product will meet our needs. Once we have got to this point, we will then engage with a supplier of this particular product. Firstly on the basis that we are just looking to get further information and may not quite be in a position yet to make the purchase. Many businesses at this point fail to realize that every single person entering or enquiring about the product or service, is actually going to be a buyer of their product at some point in the future. Our biggest challenge is to create an environment where the customer feels supported and engaged with us at a relationship and emotive level to ensure that when they are entering the purchase process, they will be in a position to be able to close the sale.

It is vitally important for you to consider in your business right now, how many clients you have that are looking or thinking about purchasing your product or service.

Many people say to me “Oh Darren, these clients are just tyre kickers wasting our time or not engaged” and this is where I totally disagree. These clients are the types of people that you need to be creating connections with, understanding their needs and ensuring that you have clarity of the purpose of their enquiry. By doing this you have interest and empathy to their situation, you will start to create an emotional connection.

Creating pressure or trying to force the sale at this point in many cases, will force your customer to leave.

In today’s business environment, the concept of closing a sale, seems to have become a bad topic. What we have to understand is closing the sale has become a contentious topic. Many businesses feel that the purpose of closing the sale is to provide pressure on the customer which in today’s business environment, is inappropriate. I totally agree with the sense of the traditional pressured close is no longer an option in business, but the opportunity to be able to provide your customer with an ability to understand your product or service, how it meets their needs and the ability to make the transaction happen now rather than waiting, is all too important.

Consider the number of clients that you have in this area right now and understand what you are doing with them. I see many businesses today are not providing enough support or engagement with this group of people to hold on to the relationship.