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Climb Mt. Everest, lose weight, make sales? You need ‘momentary courage’

Regardless of whether your challenge is preparing to crash land an aircraft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (in the dark), steeling yourself to motivate your team towards a seemingly impossible sales target or losing weight – you’ll find the steps to getting there are the same.

You may wonder how can we compare ditching an aircraft in the ocean to team leadership, or even other challenges like weight loss, learning a new skill or hobby? Take it from somebody who has crashed an aircraft into the Pacific Ocean, climbed Mt. Everest and run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents – the tools, the attitude and the basics are the same.

In my keynote I go into more depth on what those tools are, but here’s the two that you absolutely need.

Momentary courage

While you may not be a pilot or mountaineer, every challenge is your challenge and every challenge requires an instant of courage. I call itmomentary courage; it’s the courage you need at the point of decision – that moment in time, when the scales are evenly poised. 

You can either stand down, close your eyes, turn away, even surrender, or you can take the next step. 

I recall, close to the summit of Mt. Everest (when every step, every breath is life or death), coming across a climber who didn’t make it – lying across my path, frozen in time. At that point I could turn back, or I could make myself safe, assess my situation and step over him.

In those moments in time, I tell myself: “You need momentary courage now…” Just saying it gives you the courage you need.

Basic brilliance

There’s brilliance in the basics. Take any challenge, break it down into its constituent parts. Those are your basics. You’ll find that 90% of your struggles can be overcome by defaulting to the basics.

For airline pilots, when overwhelmed, its back to basics, “aviate, navigate and communicate”. When things get really overwhelming, those basics become, “aviate, aviate, aviate”.

What are your basics?

Perhaps you want to climb Mt. Everest, learn a new musical instrument or be a good mum or dad. None of those goals are any less significant than the other. You can do it. You can do anything, just remember – momentary courage and basic brilliance; they’ll get you there.

Cool questions for the Christmas table

Here is a list of cool questions for you to ask your attendees at the Christmas table to foster some amazing discussions about 2018:

  • If you could have any job for a day, what would it be?
  • Which item on your bucket list did you sort this year?
  • What is your stand out news event for 2018?
  • If you could read one person’s mind, who would it be?
  • Where will you go on holiday in 2019?
  • Best Christmas when you were a child?
  • If you could get a new pet in 2019, what would it be?
  • What is the craziest thing you have eaten?
  • You are given a yacht, what would you name it?
  • What if your favourite holiday dessert?

It’s All About ‘Mindset’

How ordinary people achieve extraordinary results…

and I don’t just mean ‘being positive’, you need to find your purpose and your passion and focus on raising the standard of your delivery. Do you embrace a challenge or avoid it? Do you keep going when you get a setback – or give up easily? Do you learn from criticism or take it personally? Mind blockages or having a fixed mindset affect your ability to achieve and succeed – so form a plan and have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Look around you at those who are successful – they are usually positive, go-getters who see a setback as a challenge and keep going!  It is important to create a balanced life and make time for the things that make you smile – spending time with family and friends and having some ‘me’ time is crucial to ensure you are surrounding yourself with an environment to live a fulfilling life. You’ve got to create a lifestyle .. not a job.  We are fortunate to have a number of excellent coaches on board to assist you with getting your mindset on the path to success – give us a call today on 0800 800 303 to book in a session with either myself, Mark Sutherland, Steve Gurney or Mike Allsop.

Dream Bigger

Many self-employed business owners enter into self-employment with the dream and vision of creating a hugely successful business that generates a high level of income.  As they begin the road of developing their business and then working within that business, the vision and the direction of where they can go gets distorted by the market and their economic factors at the time.  One thing I want you to do this month, is to think about what your initial dreams were when you first entered the industry you are in.  Are you achieving at their level or have you been held back by market forces and your own interpretation of your ability to achieve that higher result?  I encourage you this month to really focus on developing a much bigger vision for your business.  Think about how it could grow, how many more staff you could have and how many more customers you could work with, to grow a hugely successful company.

Many of our clients ask us to support them in their vision and mission development in their business to help create a much clearer direction of where they should head and how big their opportunity lies.   Please do not hesitate to give us a call to further discuss the strategic opportunities for your business being bigger, better and even faster.

Key Activities

Detailed below are 7 of the Key Activities, which are important to get sorted right now.

1. Meet with your accountant.

2. Create a budget for the year ahead.

3. Define the number of transactions to create that level of income.

4. Review your product or service offer to add value and increase price.

5. Consider if your business was doing double the production, what would it look like and what would you need.

6. Consider how tight your customer relationship is.

7. What weekly activity levels will be needed to create greater success?

Goals for the year

One of the best ways to really kick off 2018, is to set yourself some goals that inspire or terrify you.  Many self-employed business owners who have been self-employed for a length of time fall into the trap of doing the same old same old as in previous years.  There is a real need to create inspiration and drive for the year ahead and this only comes from a passionate commitment to reach your target.  Allow yourself some time to get out of the office in a place where you can consider exactly what you want to achieve this year and that creates real desire to make it happen.  If you want some help or support in getting this to happen, please do not hesitate to call.

Everyone Needs A Coach

Every day business leaders are faced with huge demands and stresses.

Just like a champion sports team the leader is responsible for developing a winning culture that will energise each member of the team to realise their potential and to reach new heights.

To be a successful leader they must also provide clear direction and focus by developing and executing specific, actionable high performance strategies in order to gain great results.

As a business leader you may be facing challenges that you do not want to discuss with anyone at work. What you need is a set of fresh experienced insightful objective ears that are not emotionally involved and has your best interests in mind.

The Benefits of High Performance Coaching

To Gain Perspective

At the top of an organization you have a unique perspective, but it is also limited by your position of power. An executive coach is one of the few people that is able to tell you what you need to know, but cannot or will not see. Your coach can provide you objective and constructive feedback on your blind spots, and provide an outside perspective on the business and your team.

To Make Better Decisions

To discuss ideas that is still in the inkling stage and supports you in making better decisions. Ideas and strategy can get wrung out and grow through discussion. We all need a sounding board and often the only people around us are impacted by the decision. Coaching is a place to test out ideas and strategy with someone you trust and who has no vested interest or competing agenda.

Transitioning to a Bigger Role

“What got you here won’t get you there.” A good coach can help a leader hit the ground running in a new role. Past success can be a big impediment to moving up the ladder successfully as we tend to repeat what has worked in the past even though it may not be appropriate in our new role. Executive coaching can accelerate the transition and ensure success.

To Vent When Necessary

To have a safe, secure and confidential outlet to vent when necessary. Pent up frustrations, anger, and disappointments impair good judgment, and relationships. At times everyone needs a safe place where they can vent a little and to talk things out.

To Develop Professionally

To stay ahead of the curve and become a better leader. To win, you need to continually upgrade your skills and think outside the box. Your coach will provide tools, training and insights that support you in playing your best game.

To Build a Healthy and Effective Organisation

Coaching helps you clarify what it takes for you to have a bigger, more positive impact on your organization. To lead change, overcome resistance and unleash the potential of all your employees.

A commitment to excellence is a choice you make.

At the Sport of Business we challenge leaders to think differently about high performance so they can be on top of their game consistently.

High Performance

If I can help you to gain perspective, to make better decisions and to develop professionally then let’s chat.

Mark Sutherland

Create an Exciting Goal

Is there something you would really like to achieve?  Is there something you would really like to do?  Is there some place you would really love to travel to?  One of the things I would like you to do this month is to consider all the places that you have been, the events that you have travelled to or life events that have created great memories.  Now think about creating another opportunity to focus on the life goal that you can tick off and would really give you satisfaction and enjoyment.  I want you to have a think about when that can be arranged and really lock it into your diary and make it a plan you can strive for.  Having a great goal or reward will really help motivate you and keep you focused.  Many self-employed business owners forget to have that time where they can look up, realize their success and give themselves a pat on the back for working hard towards their goals.  Make this a real focus for later this year, lock it into your diary, set your plan and make it happen.