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Using Compliance to grow your Business

Would you believe me if I told you that AML compliance is the biggest opportunity in your career to become extremely successful?

Business growth and Compliance can seem to be opposites, I know everyone is sick hearing about AML, and frustrated at the delays it can cause to the sales process.

No doubt, it does create extra work in the documentation and record keeping. However, I firmly believe that AML compliance done well is an opportunity for you to set yourself head and shoulders above your competition and create raving fans, referrals and repeats.

Let me explain how…

  • Seasoned professionals are using this as a reason to retire – Who is going to pick up their clients?
  • Cowboys destroying their credibility by cutting corners while are giving you an opportunity to shine as a trustworthy professional.
  • KYC Know your Customer obligations are giving you an opportunity know what your clients really want and deliver it to them while becoming their trusted advisor.

1stJanuary has been and gone, the REINZ roadshow is done and dusted, now it is up to you to decide if you will not only survive AML, but thrive with the opportunity it presents.

To equip your team with practical tools to use AML to create more business, book Cat for an interactive and entertaining 1.5hr  inhouse presentation tailored to reduce risk and make more profit.

To get a head start on your competitors, sign up for Cats online course “Growing your business with Compliance”.  7 videos and stacks of downloads, scripts, checklists and tools to help you meet your obligations while building connection and trust.