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Personal coaching programme with Lisa Dudson

One thing I’ve noticed in my travels around New Zealand talking to business owners and their teams is that few have a clear personal financial plan.  I known Lisa Dudson for over 15 years and have worked with her in the last 6 months.  She is a leader in her field and has over two decades of experience in working with people to improve their financial position.  I would like to offer our clients to work personally with her.

“I’m passionate helping people achieve financial success so they have more freedom of choice.  If you want to be much smarter with your hard earned dollars, want to develop a practical plan to increase your personal wealth, and want to be supported by me to help you achieve that plan, then get in touch.  It doesn’t matter what your starting position is, all you need is a desire to improve and be prepared to take the action.”

Annual Financial Coaching Programme with Lisa Dudson

$2,995 +GST – $1,995 payable upfront and the balance of $1,000 at the beginning of month four.

90min initial financial consultation to review your financial position and set goals. Create 2 page action plan.

5 x 20 min check in every two weeks, thereafter 1 hour review every quarter (at 6, 9 & 12 months) with updated action plan.

Phone and email support within reason for 12 months.

Exciting launch of INK Consulting Associates

Over the last 1½ years, as I have continued to build the darrenpratley.com speaking business, I have been consistently seeing self-employed business owners or team members that are needing support or help in developing their business.  As there are many areas of business that I don’t work in, I thought it was important for me to have some very strong solutions that could assist them in developing  their business in areas where I don’t necessarily work.  From this, we developed the concept of INK Consulting Associates where we have brought together a range of high performing consultants and topic experts that can help support our clients in improving their business and developing growth.  We can see from many of our discussions with our clients that growth of their business becomes a very important part of what they do as their success improves.  With the success, growth is a key focus and that is why we are really focusing on becoming the growth agency for self-employed business owners and their businesses.  Over the coming months, we are looking to add high performing consultants on our team and ensure they are able to provide us with expert and industry leading information to assist our clients.

Everyone Needs A Coach

Every day business leaders are faced with huge demands and stresses.

Just like a champion sports team the leader is responsible for developing a winning culture that will energise each member of the team to realise their potential and to reach new heights.

To be a successful leader they must also provide clear direction and focus by developing and executing specific, actionable high performance strategies in order to gain great results.

As a business leader you may be facing challenges that you do not want to discuss with anyone at work. What you need is a set of fresh experienced insightful objective ears that are not emotionally involved and has your best interests in mind.

The Benefits of High Performance Coaching

To Gain Perspective

At the top of an organization you have a unique perspective, but it is also limited by your position of power. An executive coach is one of the few people that is able to tell you what you need to know, but cannot or will not see. Your coach can provide you objective and constructive feedback on your blind spots, and provide an outside perspective on the business and your team.

To Make Better Decisions

To discuss ideas that is still in the inkling stage and supports you in making better decisions. Ideas and strategy can get wrung out and grow through discussion. We all need a sounding board and often the only people around us are impacted by the decision. Coaching is a place to test out ideas and strategy with someone you trust and who has no vested interest or competing agenda.

Transitioning to a Bigger Role

“What got you here won’t get you there.” A good coach can help a leader hit the ground running in a new role. Past success can be a big impediment to moving up the ladder successfully as we tend to repeat what has worked in the past even though it may not be appropriate in our new role. Executive coaching can accelerate the transition and ensure success.

To Vent When Necessary

To have a safe, secure and confidential outlet to vent when necessary. Pent up frustrations, anger, and disappointments impair good judgment, and relationships. At times everyone needs a safe place where they can vent a little and to talk things out.

To Develop Professionally

To stay ahead of the curve and become a better leader. To win, you need to continually upgrade your skills and think outside the box. Your coach will provide tools, training and insights that support you in playing your best game.

To Build a Healthy and Effective Organisation

Coaching helps you clarify what it takes for you to have a bigger, more positive impact on your organization. To lead change, overcome resistance and unleash the potential of all your employees.

A commitment to excellence is a choice you make.

At the Sport of Business we challenge leaders to think differently about high performance so they can be on top of their game consistently.

High Performance

If I can help you to gain perspective, to make better decisions and to develop professionally then let’s chat.

Mark Sutherland