Supporting Growth Cat Levine

When businesses grow and sales increase, I often see the wheels come off behind the scenes because systems and processes are not able to scale with growth.  

When I work with businesses in rapid growth, the first thing that I identify is where are their bottlenecks in workflow, what are their frustrations or pain points.

The next step is a whiteboard session with key people involved, identifying step by step the current process, who does what, how is information conveyed between these people and where is there double handling.   As an outsider I continually question, Why is that person doing that task, why does it need that extra step, why is it being done that way.

My goal is to identify, ‘is this the most efficient way to be doing this’; ‘how can we create a system and a process that will make this far easier and smoother for  both customers and team’ .  Also, ‘What can technology do to make this easier?’

As Steven Covey says, sometimes we need to stop and sharpen the saw.  By stopping working in the business and spending some time working on the business, it may feel like you are less efficient because you’re doing less during the process.  However, streamlining just one system has an exponential impact on your growth and your ability to scale in the long-term, and often ends up saving you money.

Are there any areas in your business that are creating frustration and bottlenecks?  Why not block out some time over the next month to step back and examine where improvements can be made, or call me to discuss working together on streamlining your systems and strategies.
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