National Speakers Conference in Dallas, Texas

As mentioned above, on my recent trip to Dallas, Texas, I met up with Steve Napolitano who is a great speaker, trainer and business coach working out of San Francisco.  In the many discussions that we had, there were a number of things that we talked about in terms of what we were seeing as challenges for our clients and how they were overcoming these.  Steve works with a lot of high-end, very successful corporate clients that spend a lot of their time travelling both nationally and internationally and can be very pushed for time.  One of the key techniques he uses to help these clients is to get them to get a very clear vision of exactly what a successful life for them would look like both professionally and personally.  He then tips the equation on its head and asks them to put into his diary all of the things that would be important to them.  They then diarise these first, and by doing this, making them put all of their business commitments and business environments into the time that is remaining.  Obviously this can be challenging at first in getting an idea of how to make this work, but one of the key things that he noticed that he did, was making his clients very disciplined around how much time they were going to allocate for work and what they were  going to achieve in that timeframe.  This concept has certainly been a challenge for me because I think a lot of the time we develop businesses where we will allocate as much time as we possibly can to create our success.  Imagine we could build that success but only in the time that we were able to allocate where all of the other lifestyle components were going to be just as important.   

This month, please consider having a look at your diary, having a look at the time you have allocated for your work commitments and challenge yourself that you can replace some of these with lifestyle or family opportunities and let’s see if we can condense and use the time that we have allocated for work far more efficiently and profitably.

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