Sales Accountability

Whenever I talk about this topic with a range of businesses, there is always the dreaded look in the room where attendees begin to scurry into their paper, check their phone or decide now is a great time for a toilet break!

One of the key things that I encourage businesses and teams to look at is not necessarily just the group accountability but people’s personal accountability to the challenges and tasks that they want to achieve personally. Once we start to decide that our personal accountability around achieving the tasks that we have set for ourselves are important, our enjoyment and success in our roles changes almost instantly. Getting teams to start to realize the importance of developing their proposition, developing their opportunity and defining how they will be getting their key tasks done within a set timeframe, really changes the results in a business.

My key tip is to get your team to define out what are their key personal accountabilities in terms of what they are wanting to achieve in the next four weeks and then supporting them around those achievements. Those achievements may be work-orientated, personally-orientated, fitness, health, diet – whatever they are, it is important for us as a team to provide each other with a sense of accountability but a sense of success when we do meet our objectives. Creating accountability both personally and within the business, is now such a hot topic that it really does work in making changes in your business.