Robyn Pearce — The Time Queen’s Top Time Tips

  1. ‘No’ is your most powerful time management tool (but not in a career-limiting or relationship-limiting way!)
    Learn how to politely and appropriately say ‘no’ to potential time-stealers and less relevant activities.
  2. Every week, block in a few important non-urgent actions.
    Make appointments with yourself, written into your diary or organiser, to work on one or two activities per week of long-term and long-lasting value.
  3. Constantly ask, ‘What is my highest priority right now?’
    This great question helps us stay focused on activities that really make a difference.
  4. ‘How can I do this task more efficiently?’
    Become a ‘walking question mark’. There are always better ways to do things. Time-saving efficiencies are all around us, but most people don’t go looking for them. Instead, they just complain about lack of time!
  5. Block in regular sanity gaps.
    When did you last take a complete weekend off – no email, no business calls, no responsibilities other than the people you’re with? You’ll come back fresher and you’ll also produce better results.
  6. Manage your energy well and time looks after itself.
    Your energy levels are your indicator as to whether you’re doing the right things. If something isn’t flowing smoothly, something needs to change.
  7. Eliminate clutter in all areas of your life.
    Imagine every item you hang on to has an invisible silver thread connecting you to it. Does it energise you or pull you down?
  8. Don’t make email the first thing of the day – and turn off your alert.
    If you get hooked into email first thing in the day it takes over. Instead, you take control of your day. If people rely on email for urgent information, they’re using it wrongly.