Darren has 5 keynote presentations:

  1. Don’t let your clients leave…… they need you!! 1 hour

As technology and the speed of life has changed dramatically, the way we do business is changing.  This change has dramatically impacted the way we now provide our products and services.  Being ahead of the 8 ball and not allowing the opportunity to dwindle….

Use these 5 key ways to hold your clients and grow your business


  1. Selling has changed “It’s all about advice” 1 hour

As the consumer is smarter and wiser then ever, the goods and services we provide must be supported by the skills that your customer needs.  Your advice can be unique and this has to be the way of building enterprise value in your business.

Find out the key strategies for your advice based sales machine.


  1. “Love thy clients” ……. Professional services new frontier! 1 hour

The world of professional services continues to change at a dramatic pace.  Historically strong businesses are struggling to define their business reason and purpose that relates to their clients.  Clients are looking away, researching different competitors and deciding to change their provider.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Find the 6 keys ways to pull your clients closer in professional services.


  1. Your Industry is changing, so you need to change…NOW! 1.5 hours

The real estate and financial services industries are changing at an amazing rate.  Service, compliance, and customer loyalty is driving a new type of professional to set new benchmarks that really will lead the future.  Make sure you are on this train before it leaves the station……….

“5 Key practical strategies that will make you stand out”


  1. Bespoke KeynoteTBA

Darren has great experience in working with clients to develop a keynote that meets their needs.  He will focus the session on developing key messages that create practical change and motivation.

“A unique presentation is perfect for your event”

4 Awesome workshops: 1.5 hours

  1. It’s your business – now lead it as a CEO ……

Develop a real plan for your business that is by the CEO, for the growth of the customer base and develops your team. That’s right!  A fast paced session that starts to get your CEO  of work that will identify the areas of focus for the period ahead.

“Great for self employed business owners”


  1. Developing an advice-based sales approach

Wondering what to do and then how to do it. This is a great practical workshop that looks at your sales approach, sets a new strategy and then delivers new practical steps that will support your long term relationship with your clients.

“trust is so important to your customer ….. I wonder why they don’t?”


  1. Connecting with your clients – we need to make it “amazing”

Look at how your business connects with your current clients.  Could this be better? …… does it need to be better?  This session is a practical way to improve your teams’ customer connection, ensure it is real and they know you care.

“Todays customer is smarter than ever – this is your opportunity”


  1. Leadership starts in your lunchbox

In business today the overall result and team outcome needs to be carefully managed….. but more importantly there needs to be leadership with vision, passion and clarity to ensure the speed of your market place doesn’t drown your voice.

“There is a real need for leadership at all levels of your organisation”