Real Estate & Financial Services

The real estate and financial services industries are travelling through a period of massive change and transformation.  Old business models have been found wanting, while new technology and market realities have pushed into the sectors creating new leaders and success stories.

Businesses that are taking a pro-active approach to change will be best placed to thrive in the new reality.  Our customers demand more and more, so our service has to be more professional than ever.

Darren has been working within the Real Estate and Financial Services Industries for over 25 years and has a strong knowledge of customer expectation, product distribution and sales.  He has that real knack of creating opportunity in these types of businesses that makes him a popular choice, when business owners want to achieve more.

Business Development:

Darren has undertaken many roles in the financial services industry and worked with many high performers in real estate.  From advisers and business owners, to industry leaders and regulators.  He has owned and managed individual financial services businesses through to franchising businesses.  With this varied experience and industry knowledge, Darren can work with business owners to develop their businesses.

Results Driven:

Darren has always been results driven, and wanting to ensure positive change is at the forefront of any new initiative.  As these industries change, ensuring stronger results in market share, customer connection and enterprise value are a must.  He demands change and wants teams to realise and capitalise on opportunities that exist.

Industry Opinion:

Due to the length of time and his roles in these industries, Darren has a broad knowledge of how they work.  With his level of knowledge and experience, he can discuss the changes within the industry and what the current and future forces are, and how they can affect your success.

If you have a question or idea you want to explore, email Darren and start a discussion and we can take it from there.

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Please Note:

Darren will discuss and request that any conflicts of interest are disclosed and examined before any work is undertaken. Transparency and confidentiality is important.