Do the hard work now!

As we are heading towards the spring and summer months, many industries find this time of the year improves their business sales and opportunities. Because of this, now is a really great time for us to develop our prospecting and business development skills. Have a think about how your team is developing their relationships with your target market and ensure that they prove and show that they add something different from the competitor. I do many sessions where sales teams are struggling to understand why their sales volume is not growing yet they haven’t really dug deep into understanding what their service proposition means to their customer.

Many of my larger keynote presentations are around ‘your customer is leaving’ and getting audiences to think about how they need to get their customer back. What will it mean in 2020 to be relevant to your customer base when they have so much choice and so much information. Here are 3 key things you should be doing as we head into spring:

  • Increase your prospecting opportunities by creating more meetings with a real purpose.
  • Review your database and identify your top 50 customers and start re- connecting with them in a way that it allows them to do business with you again.
  • Create a campaign that will be appropriate in the warmer spring months and it will enable your customers to understand what your service can provide them at this stage of the year.

If you focus on these 3 things, it will start getting your teams to really begin moving the business in a new direction into spring.