Developing your skill

Recently I was at a presentation where I was talking to the audience and through some light-hearted banter with the audience participants, one of the front row attendees was discussing how they had been in this industry for over 34 years.  This got me really thinking.  Over the 34 years that this person had been in their industry, I was considering how much skill and knowledge that person had built up in their role.  I think this is something we all need to consider as we progress in our chosen careers.  How much time and effort are we putting into developing our skills, knowledge and improving our proposition.  As we enter some industries, we are often pulled into believing that we will continue to just do what we have always done and that will be fine.  

A key component we have to keep considering is how we get better in our role and keep developing the skills to become more and more valuable.

We all know that as technology and new systems enter our workforce, there are always those that will be left behind because they have not continued to keep up.

Please write down the 5 key skills that you have working in your current role and have a think about how you could get even better in these 5 key areas this year.  What training, what education, what mentorship would be of benefit for you to become that one step better in 2019.

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