Create an Exciting Goal

Is there something you would really like to achieve?  Is there something you would really like to do?  Is there some place you would really love to travel to?  One of the things I would like you to do this month is to consider all the places that you have been, the events that you have travelled to or life events that have created great memories.  Now think about creating another opportunity to focus on the life goal that you can tick off and would really give you satisfaction and enjoyment.  I want you to have a think about when that can be arranged and really lock it into your diary and make it a plan you can strive for.  Having a great goal or reward will really help motivate you and keep you focused.  Many self-employed business owners forget to have that time where they can look up, realize their success and give themselves a pat on the back for working hard towards their goals.  Make this a real focus for later this year, lock it into your diary, set your plan and make it happen.

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