Connecting Better

Ok, so it’s early in the morning, some of us have to work and we have got to hit the road fast to beat this crazy Auckland traffic. My thought after going to the Global Speakers Summit is “how do we connect better with either your workmates, clients or even with the community?” Steve Sammartino talks about box life.  We live, drive and work in boxes. We heat and eat from a box and finally die in a box. Unsettling and a great wake up call to how we do life. I even write this post with a box shaped tech, resting on a box sitting in my box office talking to myself after buying a box drink from a person in a box…lol.

Does work have to be box like this all the time? Is your brand in a box, which will one day die confined? So how do we change this? Do we need to change how branding is perceived and done in the future? I have always been told that customers are right from an early age and I truly believe this more and more in these times. For myself, it is about how customers experience your work, your brand, how personal you are, the touchpoint you give and the energy between those connections.

Your brand touchpoints need to be thought about from a head, heart and hands perspective.  How do your clients view your credibility, difference and relevance.  When was the last time you considered the five senses in your meetings, show some emotions and what buzz have you created through the media? Unlike the box metaphors, when was the last time you got out to participate in the local community or build local relationships?

To conclude, think about your client community, engage with them if only to encourage them, find a touchpoint to show you care. If you want to go deeper, explore further, contact us and we can help to deliver a brand strategy that expands the norm, challenges the past and provides hope for the future.

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