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Time Management and Productivity – Robyn Pearce

Every time we ask for audience feedback on areas they would like further help in, consistently in the top 3, no matter what industry, it is Time management and productivity.  No other skill in your business has as bigger impact on your success as your ability to prioritise what is most important, and get that done. Business and distraction are part of most jobs, and we all need to keep working on increasing our efficiencies and productivity if we want to generate more success.

 We are pleased to announce Robyn Pearce as the latest addition to the INK team of consultants.

Robyn Pearce is recognised world-wide as one of the top experts in the field of Time Management and productivity.

From an award-winning real estate career to 27+ years as an international time management specialist and multi-title author, Robyn brings practical and immediately applicable solutions to your team’s time and productivity problems. 

If you are looking for a speaker who can add real value to your company,  Robyn offers a variety of presentations and workshops on “How To Do More With Less – Time Saving Tips To Grow Your Real Estate Career”

Her interactive and practical sessions give tips and techniques to help your team reduce overwhelm, increase productivity, and free up more hours in the day. 

Her clients are in many industry sectors, including Beef & Lamb NZ, Foodstuffs, Keith Hay Homes, and many Real Estate brands in New Zealand and abroad.

To speak to Robyn directly,
0275 846 348

AML/CFT auditor – Allan Lloyd

2020 is the first year for all Real Estate Reporting Entities to have an independent audit of their AML/CFT Programmes and Procedures.  The increase from 800 entities needing auditing in 2019, to 12,000 in 2020, there will be a shortage of experienced auditors.  Many Real Estate companies are already booking in an auditor for next year.

We are pleased to introduce our lead AML/CFT auditor – Allan Lloyd.  He has a wealth of experience in the field of compliance both in the financial sector and over the last 7 years in the area of Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) compliance.

Allan has assisted Phase 1 entities with their AML/CFT obligations including Risk Assessments and Programmes since 2012 and in 2015 conducted the first audits for these entities and has continued to do so since that time.

Allan has obtained and is a registered “Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), which is the gold standard in AML/CFT certifications internationally.

Allans experience in assisting the Real Estate Sector with their AML/CFT Compliance has given him industry specific and hands on experience with various software packages.  His ability to work remotely ensures he conducts audits in a cost effective and thorough manner.

If you are interested in having a talk to Allan about your AML/CFT audit or checks, you can contact him directly on
0210 820 1059

Staff Changes

Over the last 3 months, INK has experienced phenomenal growth in New Zealand already doubling last year’s turnover, with bookings well into 2020.  With this increase in the volume of work, as well as opening our international office and increasing our team of New Zealand consultants things are busy!

To keep up with growth and continue to serve our customers with excellence Darren has brought on Cat Levine as General Manager alongside her role as an INK Consultant. Cat’s expertise in strategy and management of companies in rapid growth has enabled her to step into this role to keep growth momentum with the systems and processes to support this rapid expansion.

Our first International Office

Growth requires stepping out of our comfort zone, taking on new challenges and expanding our horizons.  At INK we like to practice what we preach, so have spread our wings across the ditch to open our first International Office in Brisbane.  We have partnered with Australian Business Growth consultants, and are working with them to create the same momentum and success we have had here in New Zealand. Over the next few months, we will introduce the team of consultants to you, remember it’s not any further or more expensive to have an Australian expert consultant come and work with you than it is a New Zealand consultant. So don’t let their address deter you!

Supporting Growth Cat Levine

When businesses grow and sales increase, I often see the wheels come off behind the scenes because systems and processes are not able to scale with growth.  

When I work with businesses in rapid growth, the first thing that I identify is where are their bottlenecks in workflow, what are their frustrations or pain points.

The next step is a whiteboard session with key people involved, identifying step by step the current process, who does what, how is information conveyed between these people and where is there double handling.   As an outsider I continually question, Why is that person doing that task, why does it need that extra step, why is it being done that way.

My goal is to identify, ‘is this the most efficient way to be doing this’; ‘how can we create a system and a process that will make this far easier and smoother for  both customers and team’ .  Also, ‘What can technology do to make this easier?’

As Steven Covey says, sometimes we need to stop and sharpen the saw.  By stopping working in the business and spending some time working on the business, it may feel like you are less efficient because you’re doing less during the process.  However, streamlining just one system has an exponential impact on your growth and your ability to scale in the long-term, and often ends up saving you money.

Are there any areas in your business that are creating frustration and bottlenecks?  Why not block out some time over the next month to step back and examine where improvements can be made, or call me to discuss working together on streamlining your systems and strategies.
027 44 99 035

Be Prepared to Change

I was working with a client yesterday who was talking to me about their business and how it wasn’t performing at the level that they desired. 

We discussed the key things they would like to change and how success would look if everything was working well.  We then started to build a plan about what needed to happen to get the business where he wanted it to be.

  My next statement created a real impact.  

“If we leave this business performing the way it is right now, it will continue to deliver the result that you are not happy with.  We have to create change.  We have to work with our people to get them to step up, develop their skills and provide a stronger service proposition to your customers.  This way we can take more market share.  Are you committed to making the required changes in the business to create the result?”

The changes we discussed, were uncomfortable.  Some of them were very difficult and certainly taking the business owner outside their comfort zone.  What I wanted him to realise was that unless we made these changes in the business and made the tough decisions, the result would never change. 

I am very proud to see that the business owner has taken massive steps in moving his business towards becoming even more successful than it was.  The big key to his success was that this business owner was stepping outside their comfort zone with courage and making great decisions about moving their business in the direction that it needed to go.  All I can say is congratulations and I encourage you to be able to make those same tough decisions ultimately creating the success you desire.

What are the top challenges in your Real Estate business? – Cat Levine

Every time Darren and I are with Real Estate Professionals we ask, “What are the top challenges in your business?”

Time and time again we are told “Getting more listings” is one of the top challenges to being more successful in Real Estate.

Listings don’t just drop into your lap, there are specific actions that you can take that will make you be the one people come to with their listing.

Referrals from Raving Fans are the most trusted and cost effective marketing available. All it takes is following my system to getting people to Know, Like and Trust you.

Here are 2 common myths…

Myth: Handing out my business card at networking events will get me listings

Busted: Commission breath stands out a mile away. Instead, think of ways you can show genuine interest in the other person, and ask how you can help them be more successful. Follow up with a text with a link to a contact or an article that shows you were thinking of their success. You will stand out from the rest!

Myth: I can’t get listings because I am new to the business.

Busted: Being new to the market what do you have that seasoned professionals might be missing? Time? Enthusiasm? Personal service? Your passion that YOU are the best person for the job is infectious and gets people trusting you are the best one to handle the sale of their biggest asset.

You need to understand and communicate “Why people should choose you”, and secondly, prove “why you are the best person to list their property”.

For more information on my system to creating Raving Fans, Referrals and Repeats, lets connect! or 027 44 99 035

Do the hard work now!

As we are heading towards the spring and summer months, many industries find this time of the year improves their business sales and opportunities. Because of this, now is a really great time for us to develop our prospecting and business development skills. Have a think about how your team is developing their relationships with your target market and ensure that they prove and show that they add something different from the competitor. I do many sessions where sales teams are struggling to understand why their sales volume is not growing yet they haven’t really dug deep into understanding what their service proposition means to their customer.

Many of my larger keynote presentations are around ‘your customer is leaving’ and getting audiences to think about how they need to get their customer back. What will it mean in 2020 to be relevant to your customer base when they have so much choice and so much information. Here are 3 key things you should be doing as we head into spring:

  • Increase your prospecting opportunities by creating more meetings with a real purpose.
  • Review your database and identify your top 50 customers and start re- connecting with them in a way that it allows them to do business with you again.
  • Create a campaign that will be appropriate in the warmer spring months and it will enable your customers to understand what your service can provide them at this stage of the year.

If you focus on these 3 things, it will start getting your teams to really begin moving the business in a new direction into spring.