Business consultancy and advisory

Regardless of age, stage, size or industry, from time to time, a business really needs to bring in a specialist who can challenge the business.  By creating an environment to review its performance and test its core, we can challenge the status quo and consider change.  We need to think about how your industry is changing and how you can develop a clear strategy for success in the years ahead.

Darren’s team brings a unique set of skills and opportunity for any business owner or leader to build a personalised review process that will really create a great outcome.

Remember – if you want to keep on achieving the same results, keep on doing the same things.  But if you want to move to a higher level – talk to us.

There’s a very good chance that the answers to your most pressing concerns already exist. They may be sitting in your business, unrecognised and ignored.

Our team will work with you to uncover the industry’s hidden gems, explore new options, develop smart plans and then support the set up of mechanisms to deliver them.

Strategic Planning & Development Event

Full Day – Strategic SWOT Planning Session.

Darren will guide the team through a proven SWOT analysis tool with a day of structured brainstorming to develop a clear strategic plan for the defined period ahead.  He will facilitate directional conversation to achieve the goal of the day and have every member leaving the session with a clear road map to create their plan and strategic view of the year ahead.

This is especially good for real estate, financial services and professionals who want to set their business sails in a new direction for greater success.

Option 2: Full Day – Strategic Brainstorming Session + Typist (creates pre-set document of the days outcome)

Darren will guide your team through a day of brainstorming to develop your strategic plan for the year and beyond.  He will facilitate directional conversation to achieve the goal of the day, help identify opportunity and then have every member leaving the session with clear goals and strategic views to implement for the year ahead.

Our typist will generate all ideas from the day into a working document that can then be used to reflect on and used in generating the confirmed strategic plan.

This is especially good for businesses with growth in mind.  Proven in Automotive, Professional Services, Traditional family and trade businesses.

Sales strategy and market definition

New Business Start Up

Getting a business set up and trading is never easy. Making sure you set up the key drivers that make your business succeed, is even more important.

Remember 80% of all businesses fail in the first 2 years …….. ever wondered why?

Define your business model, test the concepts and then build an internal strategy for success. This is great for new business start-ups.

Existing business review, analyse and restructure

Take a helicopter look at your business’s performance, its sales and the market it operates in. Work through a review process and analyse its performance in the safety of a confidential environment but one that will push you to look outside the box.  If you don’t have any succession planning or long term plan, this is for you.

Discuss, challenge and review the current strategies and their results.

Define the future direction and build components for long term asset value and a successful sale.

This is especially good for sole operators, small team self-employed businesses or businesses over 4 years in trade.  Businesses who are in retail, service, or trade type industries get a lot out of this.

Monthly business review and planning

Many business owners don’t put in place a structured review of their business, which in most cases, is the missing link to success. Darren will provide you with a monthly review to see how your business is tracking, ask the tough questions(remove ,) and provide support on what needs to change or be developed.

  • Short term goal setting and outcome development
  • Performance analysis and results assessment
  • Direction and capacity clarification
  • Strategy definition and implementation plan

Sales Management

Sales Management 101

When you’re looking at your business, does it need a stronger top line?  Do you need more sales to create more opportunity?  Are you in a sales or professional services role and feel like you need some support, a change, or some new enthusiasm?

This is the option for you.

How about having a sales recharge session? Get you or your team energised and motivated to reach new levels or targets. This is a great session for the start of a year, quarter, month or promotion period.

This is especially good for real estate, financial services or professionals who want to set a better sales plan for their business and get closer to clients.

Team Sales Management

Are you in business and it has been so successful you now have a sales team and not sure what they should be doing? Or how?


Do you have a sales team that just don’t seem to be meeting the targets set?

Why not have a support person on your team who can really understand your goals and help your team meet them.

This is especially good for any business that wants to grow individual team members’ success and find ways to get the numbers growing, more customers happy and a sales team focused on achieving greater success.

Real Estate & Financial Services

The real estate and financial services industries are travelling through a period of massive change and transformation.  Old business models have been found wanting, while new technology and market realities have pushed into the sectors creating new leaders and success stories.

Businesses that are taking a pro-active approach to change will be best placed to thrive in the new reality.  Our customers demand more and more, so our service has to be more professional than ever.

Darren has been working within the Real Estate and Financial Services Industries for over 25 years and has a strong knowledge of customer expectation, product distribution and sales.  He has that real knack of creating opportunity in these types of businesses that makes him a popular choice, when business owners want to achieve more.

Business Development:

Darren has undertaken many roles in the financial services industry and worked with many high performers in real estate.  From advisers and business owners, to industry leaders and regulators.  He has owned and managed individual financial services businesses through to franchising businesses.  With this varied experience and industry knowledge, Darren can work with business owners to develop their businesses.

Results Driven:

Darren has always been results driven, and wanting to ensure positive change is at the forefront of any new initiative.  As these industries change, ensuring stronger results in market share, customer connection and enterprise value are a must.  He demands change and wants teams to realise and capitalise on opportunities that exist.

Industry Opinion:

Due to the length of time and his roles in these industries, Darren has a broad knowledge of how they work.  With his level of knowledge and experience, he can discuss the changes within the industry and what the current and future forces are, and how they can affect your success.

If you have a question or idea you want to explore, email Darren and start a discussion and we can take it from there.

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Please Note:

Darren will discuss and request that any conflicts of interest are disclosed and examined before any work is undertaken. Transparency and confidentiality is important.