Be Prepared to Change

I was working with a client yesterday who was talking to me about their business and how it wasn’t performing at the level that they desired. 

We discussed the key things they would like to change and how success would look if everything was working well.  We then started to build a plan about what needed to happen to get the business where he wanted it to be.

  My next statement created a real impact.  

“If we leave this business performing the way it is right now, it will continue to deliver the result that you are not happy with.  We have to create change.  We have to work with our people to get them to step up, develop their skills and provide a stronger service proposition to your customers.  This way we can take more market share.  Are you committed to making the required changes in the business to create the result?”

The changes we discussed, were uncomfortable.  Some of them were very difficult and certainly taking the business owner outside their comfort zone.  What I wanted him to realise was that unless we made these changes in the business and made the tough decisions, the result would never change. 

I am very proud to see that the business owner has taken massive steps in moving his business towards becoming even more successful than it was.  The big key to his success was that this business owner was stepping outside their comfort zone with courage and making great decisions about moving their business in the direction that it needed to go.  All I can say is congratulations and I encourage you to be able to make those same tough decisions ultimately creating the success you desire.