A great time of the year

When it comes to this stage of the year, I always start to get excited about us heading towards a new spring and summer.

We are just gradually starting to see the nights getting longer and even though the weather is still not the greatest and the winter bite is still hitting, it is great to be thinking that in a few months time, we are heading into those spring months.

Because of this, this time of the year is a great chance for us to start new beginnings. Start thinking about our businesses in new ways after reviewing where we are at for the year so far.

As we enter a new year, we always have lots of plans and ideas about what we will do different this year to become more successful and grow our opportunities but, at this stage of the year, sometimes we need to stop, look back and see if we are still focused on the key things that we identified would make us more successful this year.

As part of this also, it is a really great time to be able to consider friends, family and loved ones and to be able to consider what you have been able to achieve and do in that area. One of the key things for me that I have enjoyed over the winter is being able to take some time out on Saturday mornings to be able to watch kids sport. It is amazing to be able to see hundreds and hundreds of kids participating in local sports and being involved with their friends creating life long memories.

This month, I would like you to consider and think about what are the life long memories and experiences that you have been creating this year. May be you have not created enough and now may be the perfect time for you to set in your diary a date and time to do something that may surprise friends, family or loved ones or may even surprise you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Weekend away in a special location with no wifi.
  • Invite past business contacts you haven’t talked to in a white to ‘chat’.
  • Find a great short cruise option and invite friends or family to join you.
  • Winter BBQ in a location with friends or family, wrapped up warm…
  • Send a mid-winter Christmas card to friends and family. It will let them know you are thinking of them.
  • Lunch in a cafe or restaurant but held in a private room.
  • Road trip to meet friends and create a joint event.