The 7 key steps to create great business systems – Peter Adams

It’s vital to understand who your customers are and what you are doing that makes them want to spend more with you:

    1. Understand the outcomes.  Who are your dream customers, what do they want, and what can you do to make it easier for the really good stuff to happen?
    1. Document your best practises.  Now redesign them to accommodate the outcomes you have just defined.  
    1. Design a set of customer first principals.  Lock in the outcomes so everyone in the team understands what they need to deliver.
    1. Review and understand what’s working. Create a list of the good and the bad. 
    1. Eliminate in the name of efficiency. Getting rid of the bad stuff reduces the need to fight fires!
    1. Develop an implementation plan.  List a logical sequence and create a timeline for your redefined business system to be implemented.  
    1. Benchmark results & review performance.  Set regular review dates for incremental improvements.  

I look forward to hearing of your implementation success –

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