2 New Consultants joining the team

I am pleased to announce that we have 2 new specialist consultants that have joined the INK Consulting Team.  

1. Jason Borowicz – Customer Experience Designer

We are pleased to have Jason joining our team as our specialist Customer Experience Designer.   Jason has had experience in numerous medium to large enterprises and has been fundamental in focusing businesses on developing customer experiences that own their customer relationship.  As you will know, my key topic that I speak about is “Your Customer is Leaving” and it is great to have someone on our team now that can help our clients design customer experiences that really stand out in their market place and creates a unique service offering that really stops the customer leaving.

2. Allan Lloyd – Compliance

Allan comes to us from a long history in compliance and audit as many of the industries that we work in start to enter into a more compliance focused regime.  It is great to have support of a specialist that can provide practical support for businesses looking to ensure that their compliance requirements are meeting their industries legislative requirements set by Government.

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